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After 37 years of exclusive research, and 47 years of independent studies, it’s easy for me to forget what arouses other people’s curiosity. I’ve finally answered most of the big questions I’ve had in my life, through being able to access the marvellous ‘Rosetta Stone’ of astrology, the ultimate science.

My first trilogy in the series is now planned for publication in 2024 — while I’m still writing the entire book series. So, the other volumes will soon follow as connected trilogies. (And there are yet other genres of books in the works!)

I’ve decided to publish my ‘spiritual memoir-novel’ In 5,000 Years: A Novel Truth first, before the Astrology & Mind series is launched, as it’s the perfect prelude to that series, offering a more visceral understanding of reincarnation and its consequences in our present lives. The next book will be You Will Reincarnate  which goes into the details of my research in this area of consciousness. It explains more of the actual astrology behind it.  

I’m pretty sure that when I was a baby, I didn’t cry “Whaaa”, I cried “Why???”. Drove my mother nuts with my questions.

The subjects I’m writing about in my book series include my unique research into:

  • astrology & the brain — how it works
  • reincarnation & consciousness — how they work together
  • Buddhist psycho-philosophy — astrologically in the brain
  • flower essences (vibrational healing for the subtle mind)
  • subtle self-sabotage & unconscious anxiety
  • and other related curiosities

So, please jot down any questions you have in these areas. I won’t be mentioning your name or your questions in my book, but I will try to answer your queries generally throughout my writing, as you will be reminding me of the questions I’d also once asked! And I’m hoping you may come up with some curly questions that I haven’t asked myself yet, as my past students used to do!

If you’d like to engage a bit more, you can also send me a voice message directly via Spotify, to be possibly played and answered on my Your Exceptional Purpose | Astrology podcast. See my podcast website at Or you can also find the Voice Message link on my podcast page at Apple Podcasts.

I will soon have a quick (and easy) Survey, here, with room for your comments and questions, to guide you through the topics I cover in my book series. But for now there is an email form below.

Your queries are most welcome. My book series is for you!

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