Your Brain and Earth's Electromagnetic Field (book cover)

Your Brain & Earth’s Electromagnetic Field is the third book in the first trilogy of Kerrie Redgate’s multiple-trilogy research series, Astrology & Mind.
Kerrie has combined the recent advances in the electric model of the universe with research by prominent neuroscientists, plus her studies into the Buddhist view of mind, to reveal the scientific source of the oldest of sciences. 36 years of her unique clinical research & study are presented in this book.

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More about this book, with excerpts
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Your Brain is the most precious thing you possess. Far more sensitive than anything NASA/JPL or the A.I. researchers have been able to assemble, and with processing speeds rivalling that of light. And your mind is steering it.

Astrology is not about prediction.
It’s about choices.

This book has been written for everyone. You don’t need to know anything about astrology to grasp these ideas. But you will know a lot about it after reading this book. It will give you a different view of your life, an appreciation for the value of the differences in people, and perhaps a greater respect for the outer environment in which our little Earth resides.

It’s also my hope that this book will bring back the respect that the science and profession of astrology now fully deserves.