Insidious Saboteur in Your Psyche book cover, by Kerrie Redgate

The Insidious Saboteur in Your Psyche is a book from Kerrie Redgate’s multiple-trilogy research series, Astrology & Mind. This volume is a serious exposé of why we do all the wrong (drastic) things for all the *right* reasons. 

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More about this book, with excerpts
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The Insidious Saboteur in Your Psyche is a vitally important volume in the series, and will elaborate on more than three decades of my exclusive research into the subtle self-sabotage that affects a huge number of individuals around the world, especially when wanting to express their highest purpose and to leave a legacy of a life well-lived for the benefit of many others.

This is a new discovery about terror and unconscious anxiety, which has taken me many years to fully comprehend.

I now know where this subtle sabotage is in the brain and how it got there! Plus how to use astrology (a unique system of interpretation that I’ve developed) to uncover its source; and the steps we need to take in our lives to overcome the stagnation it produces—while simultaneously turning this phenomenon into our personal Gift. There is always the choice of an upside!