You Will Reincarnate book cover by Kerrie Redgate

You Will Reincarnate is the first book in Kerrie Redgate’s multiple-trilogy research series Astrology & Mind — It describes Kerrie’s clinical exploration and techniques that have resulted in scientific evidence that proves you will be back

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More about this book, with excerpts
here soon … Some notes below▼

You Will Reincarnate is planned as the first foundation volume in the entire Astrology & Mind series, and is an explanation of Reincarnation based on my unique research methods, which have also included other talented individuals in their fields. Due for publication in late 2024 to mid 2025 (as the novelised In 5,000 Years: A Novel Truth will be released first, as the introduction for the results of my research as described in the rest of the series).

This will be a comprehensive exposé covering also the significance of childhood experiences viewed here as the direct result of former causes, rather than the ultimate cause of our present condition, and discussed in relation to our mindstream (‘memory-consciousness’).

As the foundation volume, this includes a step by step description of the research I’ve undertaken with several colleagues to prove the reincarnation of consciousness as a valid process of life and spiritual development.

This book will be free (at least for a time) as an ebook (principally ePub) but will have a price tag in the paper and audio versions. I’m hoping that this will reach a wider audience to perhaps offer skeptics an opportunity to understand how consciousness works, and without any ‘New Age’ or religious connotations getting in the way.

The other volumes in this series will make more sense to you when they follow this one as the foundation.